TAD Logistics helps companies move their product around the globe through its unique combination of state of the art facilities and experienced staff.

Years of specialized experience in providing total logistical solutions for companies doing business throughout the Middle East has made TAD Logistics one of the leading supply chain partners in the region.

Warehousing and Integrated
Logistics Solutions

We have constructed state of the art handling facilities which were specifically designed to provide complete logistical solutions to our clients, including those in need of transporting and storing hazardous or temperature-sensitive products that require special attention.

The ability to store hazardous products creates the nexus between TAD Environment and TAD Logistics which provides the client base with the type of experience and knowledge that only an “integrated” firm can supply.

Customers who currently use our services come from all segments of the economy including manufacturing, distribution, and retail.

Various industries within these segments are also served, including cosmetic and beauty products, pharmaceutical products, raw materials for manufacturing, etc.


TAD Logistics offers a state- of-the-art warehouse for handling and storing cargo for manufacturers, distributors, and the retail sector.

Hazardous Chemical Warehouse

TAD Logistics offers a modern chemical storage warehouse which is strategically located in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone. It is the only privately-owned hazardous chemical handling facility in all of Dubai that is designed for safe, efficient storage and handling of potentially dangerous cargo.

Needless to say, this facility adheres to the strictest regulatory standards and guidelines to ensure a safe environment for employees, customers and government officials and guarantee the provision of the highest quality of service.

Sea Freight Forwarding

TAD Logistics provides both Full and Part Container Load freight forwarding services to and from most regions of the world.

We are capable of handling every type of cargo, from personal effects to commercial products to heavy equipment.

We are able to coordinate closely with our globally positioned strategic partners, enabling us to tailor logistics solutions to the specific needs of our clients at competitive rates.

Road Freight Forwarding

TAD Logistics provides driver-accompanied, full load and partial load freight forwarding services that are “door to door” within nations that are signatories to the Gulf Cooperation Council agreement . This and other freight forwarding services are offered at both express and economy rates.

Air Freight Forwarding

TAD Logistics provides a comprehensive range of air freight forwarding services with guaranteed daily distribution to and from all major airports in the world.

Air freight forwarding services include specialized customs clearance, on site attendance, hand delivery and courier arrangements. TAD representatives are trained to ensure services that are tailored to the requirements of each client for each transaction at competitive rates.