Our Values

TAD Group is committed to its client and to the world to do work that is of the highest quality, and never less than that.

Ultimate Solutions

At TAD Group we remain focused on the job at hand. In doing so, TAD keeps its eyes on the diverse goals of environmental protection and optimal service quality at a reasonable cost, i.e. we are constantly vigilant in our efforts to provide the type of “value” demanded by our clientele.


TAD Group accepts and meets its fiduciary obligations head on while recognizing that hazardous waste materials can cause great harm when ignored or handled improperly.


TAD Group constantly seeks to improve by finding new and innovative ways of performing the required service while complying with regulations without compromising on quality.

Global Thinking

TAD Group’s vision of growth based on quality service spans geographic borders and industry boundaries alike. It strives to do the type of international work that will improve quality of life while preserving the environment.