TAD Environment meets the
challenges of protecting our environment directly, with state of the art facilities, highly experienced and dedicated personnel and skilled international partners all working together to package, transport and recycle most types of hazardous waste.

Hazardous Waste Management

Working with our strategic partners in Europe, TAD Environment specializes in hazardous waste removal and disposal.

We perform a wide variety of services ranging from waste identification, packaging, sorting, loading, shipping and final disposal.

Customers are assured that all materials will be processed, shipped, and disposed of in accordance with all local and international regulations.

Waste Management Services

Waste Profiling and Sampling (including unknown waste)

Packaging /
Hazardous waste

Interim storage

Obtaining necessary approvals and permits

Shipping under the International Maritime Organization standards

Final disposal, in accordance with the European Union regulations

PCB and Pesticide Disposal

Site Remediation

TAD Environment remediates contaminated sites so that they are once again ready for safe commercial use. Starting with a thorough site assessment, carefully gathered analytical data is reviewed to determine the extent of contamination.

TAD Environment carries its commitment to the highest quality of service throughout the many phases of a given project’s duration.

With decades of collective experience among our key personnel, we are fully-equipped to work in harsh environments to develop practical solutions to problems that may require unorthodox solutions.


TAD Environment views all of our customers as unique enterprises with their own needs and requisite services.

To this end, we are committed to serving you over the long run by way of establishing and sustaining long term relationships.

We develop plans that will enable you to formulate and implement an environmental policy that will simultaneously meet your needs and those of your customers while meeting all relevant standards and ensuring the protection of the environment which surrounds all of us.

With more than 3 decades of collective work experience in the waste management sector, we are able to identify and interpret the constantly-changing body of local and international law.

Whether for purposes of standards compliance or effectively educating and training your staff in the area of best standards or best practices, we can help our clients build a cost-effective and legally compliant environmental and safety policy which can evolve along with changing standards and practices.